Our team

Rhina Gerónimo

Rhina Gerónimo – A young Dominican Republic (DR) entrepreneur with more than eight years of experience leading and managing projects. Rhina has extensive first – hand knowledge the challenges facing the DR. She has a B.S in Civil Engineer and post-graduate studies in management and leadership.



Ade Adele – Director and founder of Agricultural Information Systems (AIS), a company based in Lagos, Nigeria. AIS under the leadership of Ade has been providing local and international development organizations with high end technology tools to collect data such as the use of smart phone to monitor program activities and mapping of accomplishments using of GIS/GPS technology.

Tayo Olugbemi – Over twenty years of experience as research and evaluation expert in the population, reproductive health, child survival, HIV/AIDS and education field. Her exposure spans the area of project development, operations research, monitoring, evaluation, management information system (MIS) and training. Tayo has conducted research and evaluation studies that have assisted in the development of projects addressing the sexual and reproductive health needs of men, adolescents and women in Nigeria as well as Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

Mohammed Talal – Experience in managing and coordinating USAID – Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance field monitoring humanitarian program activities in Iraq. Over 10 years of experience monitoring humanitarian and relief programs, managing sub-contractor data collection work, training data collectors, monitoring data quality, developing work flow and work plans for emergency program assistance monitoring.

Carlos Torres – Dr. Torres has over 20 years of experience monitoring and evaluating education programs. He has consulted and work for organizations such as the USA federal Government – Peace Corps – Office of Inspector General, World Bank, USAID, Arthur Andersen (ACCENTURE), United Nations – World Food Program. Carlos has ample and deep understanding of the development challenges of the Dominican Republic.

Wada Zubairu – Trained in Nigeria and USA, Wada has multidisciplinary Bachelors and two Masters degrees. A bachelor of Sciences and Masters in Agriculture and Banking Finance. His 15 years of experience in the banking sector and 10 years in agriculture program monitoring and evaluation have provided Wada with the skills and experience to be associated to with leading development projects funded by the United Nations – Agricultural Fund.

Zak Zakari – Zak is an experience sociologist and expert monitoring and evaluation manager. He has over 20 years of experience in development project, many of those years conducting field work. This invaluable experience has allowed him to developed strong skills to assess data quality and data systems management, flow and structures.